Tuning Accessories (Switches and Licenses)

  1. CSP Switch

    CSP Switch

    The easiest way to switch your EFILive tunes for the Cummins. Learn More
  2. High Pressure MAP Sensor

    High Pressure MAP Sensor


    Datalog 100psi Using your factory ECU

    A must for Smokeless, High HP tuning!

    Learn More
  3. License


    Each license is for one set of serial/authentication codes. Just add another license to your cart for multiple licenses. Learn More
  4. Edge Insight CTS2

    Edge Insight CTS2


    The Only Gauge Display You'll Ever Need!

    Learn More
  5. Edge EGT Probe for CTS

    Edge EGT Probe for CTS


    Excessive Heat is a Killer -Know Your Enemy.

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