High Pressure MAP Sensor

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High Pressure MAP Sensor


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Datalog 100psi Using your factory ECU

A must for Smokeless, High HP tuning!


This MAP Sensor when installed in conjunction with our tuning will allow your factory ECU to read up to 100 PSI. This is especially helpful for trucks running larger turbochargers or twin turbos. The factory ECU typically loses it's ability to measure boost past 32-36psi manifold pressure and from there the operator relies on analog or external gauges. The problem is that boost pressure cannot be reliably datalogged with the factory MAP sensor. Furthermore, with our sensor in place Calibrated Power can accurately meter the engines air fuel ratio throughout the whole powerband even on heavily modified trucks. A well metered air fuel ratio means a clean running truck. Imagine a smokeless 800HP or 1000HP truck. This technology helps make that goal achievable.


Installation requires drilling 3 holes in your manifold and tapping two of them.  The original MAP sensor can be left in place, but the truck side connector requires re-pinning.  All necessary parts/pins/connectors are supplied.  


This part is compatible with 2003-2016 Cummins and 2001-2005 Duramax engines.  

REQUIRES RE-TUNING!  Do not Install without RE-TUNING!  


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