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EFILive License




Each license is for one set of serial/authentication codes. Just add another license to your cart for multiple licenses. To find the serial number and authentication code, plug your flashscan box into your laptop, open the tune tool and go to 'help', 'Flashscan V2 VIN licensing', click on authenticate, click copy and then paste into the required field section of this page. There is no requirement to return your FlashScan V2 cable to EFILive. The V2 VIN Licenses are delivered via email so there are no shipping fees. Each FlashScan V2 Scan and Tune Interface cable is pre-configured with 2 VIN Licenses as standard which means you can tune 2 engines and 2 transmissions (up to four controllers) out of the box. If you need to tune more vehicles, simply purchase additional V2 VIN Licenses from this page for $125. Each V2 VIN License allows you to tune one engine and one transmission. *A FlashScan Serial Number must contain 12 digits and the first 2 digits will be 00, similar to this example number: 003583746598. * A FlashScan V2 Authentication code is made up of 3 segments of 6 hexadecimal characters (0..9 and A..F only), similar to this example code: E49B20-7FEA45-2CA839. (Please do not enter the above values as they are examples only)


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