VW TDI In House ECM Tuning 2009 - Present

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VW TDI In House ECM Tuning 2009 - Present


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Add over 30HP and 100 Ft-lbs to your 2009+ 2.0 TDI Jetta, Passat, or Golf
Improve Mileage and Have Fun with a nice Fat Torque Curve

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Jetta, Passat and Golf owners who are familiar with the 2.0L diesel in the 2009 and newer models are famous for their excellent balance of power and mileage.  It’s surprising to hear that the car makes just 140HP after driving one.  They feel somehow stronger than the rating suggests.  Most of that surprise stems from the engines incredible ability to build torque and move the car in any gear.  What we’ve done through tuning is take the asset and build on it.  Starting with 225Ft-Lbs stock, we’ve added nearly +100Ft-Lbs to arrive at 315Ft-Lbs.  While maximizing the torque curve we’ve managed to net an extra 31HP measured at the front wheels.

Most 6.0L V8s struggle to make that torque number to the tire in stock form.  In a 3500 lb car it’s an absolute treat to drive.  The car effortlessly accelerates in any gear.  As it up-shifts the feeling gets better and the smiles get wider.  Without a doubt, the coolest thing about this tuning method is that as we get the car to up-shift sooner and take advantage of it’s new found torque, we lower the average operating RPM of the vehicle.  By lowering average operating RPM, we lower the net parasitic losses of the engine - converting more fuel into motion and improving the vehicles economy.   

To maximize the torque curve of the powertrain, we use powerful calibration tools that allow us to edit a wide variety of engine and transmission parameters.  We have full control over fuel injection quantities (pilot, post, and main), timing of events, turbocharger activity, EGR, DPF, fuel pressure, speed limiter, and many more.  This level of control means that we can develop a very robust calibration capable of maintaining the integrity of factory emissions equipment.  Maintaining the DPF and EGR functionality means no hassle from emissions test stations, no unwanted black smoke from the tailpipe, no diesel smell from the exhaust, and no extra noise.  Nobody will be the wiser unless you decide to show them your tail lights.

We recommend bringing your car on site so that we can handle ecu removal, tuning, and tune verification onsite - minimizing your downtime and ensuring the job is done right.  

Have you seen our transmission tuning product?  This tuning calibrates the DSG gearbox to anticipate the additional torque of the engine and use it to its fullest.  Get crisp, clean shifts under power and long life out of your DSG.

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